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Giving to the Teachers

Giving to the Classroom

Our teachers fund a lot of their own school supplies out-of-pocket. If you would like to relieve them of some of that financial burden, we encourage you to visit the Aldo teachers Amazon wish list, look up Aldo Leopold on Donors Choose, or stop by the Giving Tree.

Giving Tree

Thanks to a very generous donation, the Giving Tree items have all been given for the year. What an amazing community we have!


Abbie would love:

Mondo Llama Giant Fuzzy Sticks

Mondo Llama Pom Pom 100 pack

Amanda C would love:

Magnetic Blocks

Plus-Plus Blocks

Ashley would love:


Colored Pencils

Beth (Library) would love:

White Cardstock

Adjustable Bookends

Chelsea would love:

Magnetic Shapes Circle in Square

Gretchen (Music) would love:

White Printer/Copier Paper

Set of large foam dice

Mrs. LaCombe (Spanish) would love:

Spanish Language Picture Books

Sarah B would love:

Printer/Copier Paper

Dana (Speech) would love:

Colored Printer/Copier Paper


Heather K would love:

Small Step Stool

A new Scholastic subscription (checks made out to Scholastic)

Quinne would love:

New/Gently Used Headphones

Tempera Paint and brushes

Stasch would love:

Black Ticonderoga Pencils


A corner potted tree/bush OR 2 hanging plants

The Giving Tree just around the corner from the front office. Grab a leaf, buy the item, and return to the office with the leaf attached (or have sent to Aldo to the attention of the requestor).

Amanda P would love:

Card games


Brigitte would love:

Smelly Markers

DARE - A Story About Bulking

Weird - A Story About Bullying

Amy J would love:

Adsumudi Math Game

Hand2Mind Fraction Domino Set

I Have...Who Has? Math Game

Chad would love:

Board Games

Scrapbook/Craft Supplies

Eva would love:

Jolly Ranchers

Noise Canceling Ear Muffs

Small Whiteboards

Gabi would love:

Kids Headphones


STEM Games

Karen would love:

Magnetic Building Sticks

Lisa Z would love:

Color Sharpies (fine point & ultra fine point)

Thermal Laminating Pouches, letter size, 3 mil

Rhoda would love:

10 carpet squares (15" x 15")

2 brooms + dustpan with handle

3 cinder blocks

The school would love:

10" playground balls


Gaga pit balls

Dry Erase Markers

Glue Sticks

Paper Mate Flair Markers

Sally would love:


Smelly Markers

Wikki Stix

The Main Office would love:

Printer/Copier Paper

Knee Band Aids

Packing Tape

Masking Tape

Reusable Ice Packs

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